Saturday, July 30, 2011

my fave iPad puzzle apps

Because Miss. Barbara asked.  Smile

  Any of the My First Puzzle apps are grrrrrreat!  And there’s a slew of them to choose from!  I love how when you touch one piece the others fade.  This allows Trevy visual clarity for where to place the piece he’s dragging.  Visual clarity = more success.  And more success = longer attention span.  And longer attention span = less Trevy wrangling!  Hence my appreciation for My First PuzzlesSmile 

  Whimsy by David Ross is another fabulous puzzle app.  (I hyper linked the lite version) I love that the puzzles are shadow images first.  Once the puzzle is complete the real life animal picture is your prize!  The full version offers sixty different animals to explore. 

  Although the Red Fish Alphabet app (freebie alert!) isn’t a puzzle per se…there are some wonderful little puzzle-ish nuggets hidden within.  C for instance is just too much fun!  Trevy thinks it’s hilarious how the eggs crack into the bowl.  And once your little guy finishes matching all the ingredients to their shadows what does he get?  An animated cake to celebrate his success!  Love that app!  

  That’s Not My Dog (freebie alert!) is a cute little book with a shadow puzzle at the end. 

  Baby Shapes uses preschool shapes to create puzzles of cute animals.  (freebie alert!) 

  Toddler Alphabet for iPad has many wonderful layers including cute little letter tailored puzzles.  And it doesn’t hurt that there’s an ABC song too!

Enjoy your Pad!


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