Thursday, July 14, 2011

iPad apps of the day–pre-reading extravaganza

  ABC Magic Spelling 1 – FREE today
Trevy loves anything that has drag n’ drop action going on.  And mommy loves that this app is teaching him pre-reading skills.  Takes gobs of patience, coaching and redirection but with mommy showing him where to place the letters – he can successfully complete two words before wanting to hit the iPad road.  Ex:  Trevy find the letter “m”.  M is a tuffy for him so I’ll usually need to tap it .  Trevy put “m” here.  And I’ll point to M’s home.  I have no idea if this is right or wrong but I always make him spell the word the right way.  My philosophy is to start teaching him now.  Bonus love – Bristel rocks it!  I’m so proud of how well she’s doing with her reading and spelling! 

  ABC Magic 2 – FREE today
Same developer – different flavor!  Still great stuff!

  ABC Magic Reading Short Vowels – FREE today 
Great for beginning readers!

  ABC Magic 3 Line Match – FREE today
Seriously…never buy another workbook again! 

 ABC Magic Phonics – FREE today
A visual match of the letter with the sound which helps reinforce the phonics you’re already teaching!  Good stuff!

I’m sure there are more!

(I say this because inevitably someone will feel compelled to tell me I missed some Smile)

Just search Preschool University in your app store and make sure you install them all! 


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