Thursday, July 21, 2011

budget friendly geography buys

Tis’ the season for school supply shopping!  I’m such a goofy sap.  For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the sights and smells of fresh learning gear!  Buying for my kids brings out my nostalgia!  

Which is why I’ve been trolling the school supply aisles everywhere I go.  

homeschool and backyard therapy 001

The most expensive thing in the picture above is the tray!

Which btw…I use my trays for everything.  You can purchase your own here.  

homeschool and backyard therapy 002

Target had a flashcard set of the 50 states. Book rings (I found mine at Staples) and flashcards go together like sunshine and the beach!

Perfect match! 

homeschool and backyard therapy 003

Grams bought the foam puzzle map above for us.  She found it in a dollar bin at Staples. 

homeschool and backyard therapy 004

Target also had a 1st Grade workbook through all 50 States and a little 50 State quick facts book.  Both in their dollar section!  And just what I needed for our together time.  I’m planning to focus on the States during our morning exercises.     

homeschool and backyard therapy 005

Here’s hoping you score some great new school supplies too!



  1. I love school supplies too! Another note:

    If you pick up another of those puzzles and discard the frame, you can use the pieces as stamps :) We did this with the one we picked up.

    I then stamp out a few of the states and put a line next to it for them to fill in what state it is. It teaches state recognition by size and shape and not what it's next to. I needed this for when my oldest had to learn her states last year. Since I was working with her, I brought the oldest boy in on it too! Stamps out and everyone wants to play :)

  2. OOOH! I just absolutely love school supplies. I am a "dollar store stalker" as my children fondly call me. I become so excited at the thought of going to the Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target (my favorite). I probably have 2 sets of every single flashcard set from Target. I use one set as you do- on rings. The other set, I usually cut each card in half to make matching puzzles, or, now that my kids are older, I use them for all sorts of different things like sorting them based on similarities, etc... Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I love the idea of chopping them in half and then having the kiddos race to see how fast they can match them! Thanks, Faith.


  4. I have got to remember the book ring/flash card idea!