Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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The Gullies are Back


This isn’t a normal thing. My mom made me write a blog post. So it’s me ,Toby, writing today.  Monday night was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  My brother Trevor got to run out on the field and  I ran with him. We were paired up with a Gulls player and he played CF[center field].  Before Trevor and I ran out on the field this lady asked if Trevor wanted to do between inning competitions.  Dad was out there too. Dad said no Trevor did not want to do any competitions, but I did!  I was going to do a game in the third because a kid did not show up. But after a while he came.  I ended up doing something in the fifth and it was a pitching game.  I had three tries to hit a target.  The first one I missed and my tension was building. The second one I threw I hit the target and the stadium blew up cheering for me!  I won a $25 gift card  to Sears. And that’s why I had fun at the Gulls game on Monday. My mom was going to make me write about a topiary garden but I thought that was boring. Hope you liked this post.


**mommy notes – Toby has completed Science, Civics and Geography for the year.  Our workboxes are running on fumes with just a few writing projects left.  He chose to write about a really special treat we were given last Monday night.Trevy’s Challenger team was invited to open Monday night’s game with the Newport Gulls.  The Gulls are an All Star college team.  Many of these guys go on to play in the Major League.  My husband is a serious baseball guy and reminds me often that Cardine’s Filed, where the Gulls play, is historically rich.  Hall of Famers, like Satchel Page, have played on that field.  Gulls games are one of the absolute best family friendly things to do in our area!  Click here to learn more about The Gulls.**


  1. Great job on your post, Toby!

  2. Toby, I loved it! Great job on the post, and on your win!

  3. You girls made Toby's day!