Sunday, June 12, 2011

the brain-no brain miracle

The content of this post may be most appropriate for older students.  Particularly those who are studying anatomy, and specifically, the most amazingly complex organ – the brain.   

I don’t usually post Trevy specific stuff here.  He has a blog of his own for all that jazz. 

But this. 

Well, this is just too amazing not to post everywhere I possibly can!  He’s daily a testament to the amazing Wonder of our Creator.  It’s just easy to forget how much so now that a wavy mop effectively covers his scar. 

dream night at the zoo 020

Which runs from crown to nape.  That’s how big the scar would be if you had 1/2 your brain removed.  Like he did. 

click here if you’re curious what the scar would look like without a wavy mop covering

I have the MRI scan (from a week ago, Saturday) to prove what a miracle he is!  

trevys MRI

Before surgery Trevy’s quality of life was one ginormous seizure.  His brain seized from the time he woke, until he laid his head down again. Sleep did not bring respite.  His seizure disorder is even more aggressive when the brain is trying to rest.  His EEG pattern looked like a toddler’s scribbles.  There was no organization (learning).  Only chaos (the inability to learn).

It has been nothing short of miraculous watching him blossom post radical brain surgery.   A year and a half ago, Trevy survived a subtotal Left Hemispherectomy.  As the name implies…it is the removal of one hemisphere of the brain.  In Trevy’s case, his Left was the most damaged.  Click here for further research purposes but beware the pictures while amazing, may be too graphic.

Trevy should not be able to walk.  His motor cortex (the area of your brain which controls movement) has been extensively insulted.  He doesn’t just walk…he runs!  And climbs.  And plays baseball (with lots o’ help).  He should not be able to talk.  The language region of his brain was removed entirely.  Prior to surgery he had no language.  Today he has more words than I can keep track of!  His understanding is daily growing.  And just this morning he told our doggie she was “bad dog!”.  So many things he should not be able to do…and yet… 

We are living with the Discovery Channel  toddling around our house! 

I share Trevy’s story to highlight the miracle which Science alone cannot explain.  Seriously.  The neurologists cannot tell us why removing half our son’s brain could be a miracle for him.  They have no explanation.    Trevy points in One direction only – God. 



  1. Truly amazing! There is so much we don't understand. It does make a person glad there is Someone who does :)

  2. That is so incredibly amazing! Thank you for sharing this and linking up!