Wednesday, April 20, 2011

local yokel fun

Surely everyone in the world has discovered Groupon by now?  

If this is the first time you're hearing about Groupon and you decide to subscribe for their email offers please be kind and use my link because I love getting friend rewards:  click here

I'm subscribed and enjoy looking at the interesting deals in our area.  Every now n' then something special will pop and I'll find myself thinking "I should really do that".  Usually, I don't though.  

But this time...I just couldn't pass it up!  

One of the current Groupon deals for Rhodies 

(and maybe even Massies that are on the border?  Although I'm not sure of the fine'll have to do your own investigating.)

is 1/2 off a family membership for the Audubon Society!  I linked in the Groupon offer back there <--- ... and am linking in the Audubon's website here.  As always, I'm trusting you do your own research to make sure it's good fit for your fam.   

Partly why I'm so excited about this offer is because we did not get enough field tripping in last year.  And I'm bound n' determined to do better from here forward!     

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