Tuesday, April 12, 2011

did you know that April is national poetry month?

I did.

Before you start thinking I'm Super Mommy.  I only remembered because last year I signed up for Knopf Poetry.  They were kind enough to remind me by sending a poem a day in honor of Poetry Month.

We've been having fun with the idea over dinner by insisting that we speak in verse only.  Example: 

Pass the peas, please? 

Sure, but only if you sneeze!  

How creative am I?  I just made that up.  By the way, we don't really eat peas in our house.  Cause mommy thinks they're groady! 

Scholastic has a bunch of interesting looking links to inspire poetic creativity.  I haven't had a chance to fully explore them.  But the Poetry Idea Engine is looking like a winner!  Especially, since I have a 4th Grader who is really more about sports than sonnets.

Last poetic thought...

This Thursday is Poem in my Pocket day.  I think I might print off a few poems and hide them randomly in some pockets around the house.  And then have the kiddos go on a pocket poem hunt?  I love the idea.  Now...to follow through! 

I'd love to hear you're enjoying Poetry at your house too!   


  1. Wow... seriously, too bad we don't live closer. We could trade houses, and I could send Noah to your house for poetry. Such awesome ideas. I am ashamed to say poetry is one thing we don't do really... Cause I couldn't come up with any ideas "interesting enough".
    Erin :)

  2. You could do Science...I could do Poetry. A great combo! :P