Tuesday, March 29, 2011

too good not to share: spicing up your blog

I enjoy fiddling around with my blog. I don't have as much time as I'd like to "play".  Which is why my pictures don't match on the side bar. **editor's note: the non matching pictures were driving me bonkers to the point of needing to make them match at all costs!** Also...I'm not in love with the navy blue.  I'll be changing that for sure.   But anyway...when I do have a couple minutes to rub together these are my favorite places to go for inspiration:

  • The Cutest Blog on the Block - gobs of free and super cute backgrounds to choose from. 
  • Hot Bliggity Blog - more free backgrounds.  Still super cute. 
  • Makin.Cute.Blogs - free tutorials on lots of stuff.  Like how to center your header.  Or how to create a cute header.  Veeeeery handy.   
  • Picnik - it's like Photoshop.  Only free!  I use it all the time.    


    1. well even if you're not happy with it, I think it looks amazing and very artistic.
      I think I'll go and play with my layour now :)

    2. Thanks, Zelda. :)

      But you should beware. Playing is HIGHLY addictive!


    3. Looks great! I've spent more hours playing than I care to admit.
      Janet W

    4. Hi stopping by from work boxes. I haven't got pictures on my side bar cause I don't know how:) going to check out those links you have posted, and maybe give it a try:) Happy Sunday

    5. Janet...me too, hon. Me too...

      Adventurer...if you're on Blogger I can help you out. :)


    6. Also...cause I just got back from your blog. I need you to teach me how to make a badge! For the life of me...I can't figure the darn thing out!