Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hoffman Academy Update and a Coupon Code too!


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  It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned our favorite piano program –

Hoffman Academy.




You may have noticed the name has changed from freepianolessonsforkids to Hoffman Academy. I love the change for a couple of reasons.

1) It’s easier to say


2) It more fully expresses the quality of this program!



Our family very quickly fell in love with Mr. Hoffman. You can see in the video that he’s clearly a wonderfully gifted teacher. But what I find the most impressive is how in our generation of narcissistic me-first people… here you find a guy joyfully sharing his skills and giftedness for FREE!


Hoffman Academy now has 80 lessons which teach proper finger placement, body positioning, note finding, rhythm, music theory and more!


The video lessons are all FREE and all wonderful. To enrich the video learning, Hoffman Academy also offers supplemental materials in their store. I know what you’re thinking. I hear your little inner skeptic crying, “AHA! I knew there was a hitch!” You can tell him to settle down, the materials aren’t going to eat your budget for lunch! In fact, each unit’s curriculum costs less than a single half an hour of private lesson with a piano instructor may cost you! I highly recommend taking advantage of the supplemental materials.


Oh and did I mention that I have a wonderful treat for you…


How would you like to save 40% off your entire purchase between now and November 1st?


You’d love it, right?


Then you’re in luck! You’re welcome to use my code below as often as you’d like between now and November 1st. Yes, you read that right! You can use the coupon MORE THAN ONCE between now and then. Crazy, right?! Please pass it along to friends and family as well. The more the merrier!




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  1. I've heard so many good things about this! Thank you!!