Saturday, December 7, 2013

stocking stuffers for Trevy


because it was a FB hit…


I give you a list of stocking stuffers I’ve either been tempted to buy or have bought for Trevy this year.  In love






Tooth Tunes toothbrush

A word of caution because Trevy already has one.  If your little one has all the Just Dance moves to their tooth tune toothbrush memorized…it will make brushing their teeth even more interesting!


Animal Toothbrush Holders

Too cute and a great addition to a new toothbrush.


Strap on LED fingers

I got these for ALL of my kids.  Because they look awesome!


Flingshot Flying Monkey

I didn’t get this but I was so so so tempted!  It looks like fun AND great OT!


Fart Famous Whistle

I did buy three of these though!  Oral motor therapy plus giggles – it was a must have!


Toysmith Potty Putty

I’ve had this Potty Putty on my wishlist forever!  And it was a free shipping add on with my purchases so I finally bought one for Trevy’s stocking.  It’s a little toilet shaped container with putty that makes “tooty” noises when you squeeze it inside.  Trevor is in LOVE with bathroom humor.  And I am in love with making him belly laugh.  Smile


Smarties Candy Dispenser from the Dollar Store

It’s OT with a side of yummy!


Flashlight Pen & Whistle from the Dollar Store

I couldn’t resist snagging one of these for each kid.  It’s actually a safety tool but my kids’ll never know.  They’ll be too busy making noise and lighting up dark rooms.


Scento Markers

if you dare.  I didn’t in case you’re wondering.  But I WAS tempted when I saw some Christmas scented ones at my Dollar Store today!


Holiday Candy Animal Poopers

Along the same lines as the Smarties dispenser but more fun!  I didn’t get these this year but Trevy loved them last year!


Christmas Scratch & Sniff Stickers

I snagged these for Trevy’s stocking AND for him to put in his Christmas cards for his friends at school. 


Sully Ball

Trevor has been obsessed with Monster’s Inc and especially Sully.  So how could I resist buying one of these?  Besides…I used the gift card that he earned for participating in the EPGP study!



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