Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let’s Go Purple Together!


Please join us again for Purple Day next Tuesday, March 26th.

Purple is the color for Epilepsy Awareness and next Tuesday is the day we get to make some collective noise. Feel free to check out my Epilepsy Information page. One third of the people who have Epilepsy have uncontrolled seizures; Trevy is part of that group. His seizures have changed our lives and stolen a part of him.  I believe that telling our stories makes a difference and educating others makes this a personal issue to more people. You know me. You know Trevy. Please stand with us. Here’s what you can do:

1. Join me, Heather, Christy,and Margo as we host a blog link up on Tuesday. Share your Epilepsy story, picture of your child, message of support to families battling Epilepsy and come post it on any of our four blogs on Tuesday. (The links will automatically be shared on all four blogs when you link to one) The more people who join this conversation, the more of a difference we make.

2. Share this post with others so they can join us.

3. Wear purple on Tuesday. Take a picture and email someone or put it on Facebook that we’re standing together. When you wear purple make sure you able to tell people why. I’ll be posting one “you might be a seizure mommy if” post each day until Tuesday – I’d love for you to add yours in the comments.


Thanks for standing with us!






ps. super purplicious props go to Heather of Team Aidan for not only putting this together but also helping my fuzzy brain to get in gear!

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  1. Purple is my daughter's fave color....I did not know it was for epilepsy awareness! We will wear it on the 26th thanks to this post!