Saturday, March 23, 2013

go purple by voting for one of Trevy’s seizure fighter buddies to get new wheels!



I’d like you to meet my friend, Daniel.



Entry Photo for Daniel Spranger - Madison Heights, MI



This cutie pie has a special place in our family’s hearts.



His mommy was one of my first (virtual) seizure mommy friends.  Daniel and Trevy share a common diagnosis – Infantile Spasms.



Even though our friendship is primarily virtual…Daniel and his fam did come visit us while Trevy was recovering from his Nightmare Miracle in Detroit!  Those lucky ducks live close to Dr. Rockstar!



Daniel needs a new van!



Will you go purple today (and every day until April 10th) by giving him a quick vote?!



Click here to vote for Trevy’s adorable super hero seizure fighter friend!



It would make Trevy (and his mom) SO happy!




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